Lives on the Line
Company The Baltimore Sun
Completed July 2014
LifeLine, a Maryland group home for the "medically fragile," was fraught with problems for years - financial difficulties, reports of neglect, and ultimately deaths, including that of a child - that went largely ignored by Maryland regulators who continued to award it million-dollar contracts. In his legislation-inducing story, Baltimore Sun investigative reporter Doug Donovan revealed this shocking oversight and examined the lives it affected.
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We gave this powerful investigation a special presentation outside of the CMS. In addition to allowing for a custom design, a large benefit of this was the chance to highlight emotional photographs of a young, disabled man - who suffered irreparable damage while under LifeLine's supervision - and the parents who adopted him. Another unique element is the timeline of LifeLine's troubles and contracts that follows the reader down the rail of the page.
I was the sole developer on this project and co-designer with one other teammate. All the elements - the inline document viewer, timeline, photo gallery lightbox - were custom built.