Orioles Roster 2015
Company The Baltimore Sun
Completed April 2015
Hot off an appearance in the American League Championship Series, the Orioles were riding the momentum of two postseason appearances in three years - enough to make many fans momentarily forget the previous 14-year drought. To introduce fans to new acquisitions, re-introduce players off the disabled list, and showcase the rest of the beloved Birds, we built this visually intensive, interactive roster.
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My goal was to take the focus away from the monotonous list of names - a mandatory but banal element of a roster - without using repetitve headshots. The solution was large, candid photos of each player, that were then overlaid with a semi-transparent screen and player details.
I was the sole designer and developer on this project. I opted for a one-page design, with the individual player "pages" loading dynamically via JSON. In order to help highlight the large imagery, the project features a dark theme and minimal text.