Tracking Martin O'Malley
Company The Baltimore Sun
Completed May 2015
As the former governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley and his political ambitions have long been covered by The Sun. His widely anticipated bid for the presidential nomination at the end of May 2015 meant a ramp-up in this coverage, and, as a part of this focus, we released a continually updated map and log of O'Malley's business travels since 2013.
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This project revolved solely around organizing information about when, where and - if available - why O'Malley was traveling outside of Maryland. We included a Raphael.js-powered SVG map to display his frequency in visiting different states, which doubles as a portal to filtering the full list of these visits. Alternatively, the list can be organized either chronologically or alphabetically by state.
I was the sole designer and developer on this project. Beyond the time spent designing mock-ups and building the front-end, I dedicated a lot of time to creating a fully automated backend that could handle input from a reporter. This was necessitated by the unusual need to develop this as a long-running and easily updated application. Much of this effort involved connecting the project to a Google Fusion Table via AJAX.